The start of our journey was in 1984, when some people went to England to join the organisation ‘Twelve Tribes of Israel’ and back in Holland started with meetings and sound. The first sound was King David Sound, which became Love International a couple years later and now has grown into Rasta Love Int. Sound. See past events for some flyers.

Rasta Love Int. Community Centre started out in 2002 as a private initiative with a place in a multi-cultural centre called Het Voorbeeld, Amsterdam, Holland.
Our aim was to work together with all people within and outside Rastafari movement. Furthermore we endeavoured to inform the people about the Rastafarian lifestyle and to profile ourselves in the most positive way. For 2.5 years we had many activities of which a few are still going today.

Besides this, our goal was and is, to make our community stronger and to unite different people with our example to work together with anyone who shares respect and love for all mankind.

Our proceeds and profit which we made were always intended to spend within the global community, at home and abroad. Two thirds of our profit is donated to development projects in Ethiopia. Also a minor part is donated to our bro. & sis. in London, The Twelve Tribes of Israel, for we are members of this world wide organisation, branch London.

Our activities were/are: Info Centre, Rastafarian movements with library,
Dreadlocks maintenance and repair, Tailoring project, Arts & Crafts/ Merchandise, Sound System, Cultural festivities (23rd July, 2nd November), Organisation live acts, fashion shows, African dance and djembé lessons, Seminars and meetings.

In March 2005 we lost our housing due to renovation and we shall not likely return to this location. Since then we are home-based where the tailoring and dreadlocks maintenance can be done and we are still looking for a new place so we can continue all our activities once more. So far it has been a unique and succesfull project, give thanx to Jah.

If you are interested in our works, do not hesitate and give us a link on the contact form .

Guidance and protection, one love 4 all.


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